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Feldberg Radeln Charity

Helping & Healing With The Frankfurt Foundation for Children

  • 3 hours
  • 400 euros

Service Description

We are organising Feldberg Charity Cycling Event in Waxy’s on 11th of October to again support “Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt”. We are collaborating with Feldberg Radeln Charity who organise this event every year. This year the eventwill be held on Waxy’s upper terrace where people can compete in a “cycling race” in groups of 4. The fun part is the cycling will be done on 4 exercise bikes which will be placed socially distant from one another. The winner team will even get a special prize. The minimum ticket is Euro 15, but guests can donate more if they like. All the money generated from this event will again go to fight cancer amongst children. We also have a Halloween event coming up by the end of month. All staff are encouraged to wear their spookiest, scariest costume on the day. Pre-Covid, we used to have a huge party for Halloween. As we all understand, we live in a different time now and our celebrations will have to be tailored according to the safety measures being followed at Waxy’s. That should not mean that we can’t have fun and celebrate in a safe way.

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