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Christmas For The Poor

Including especially the homeless of Frankfurt, but also those that ne

  • 1 hour
  • 150 euros

Service Description

Life is difficult. Most of us get by. Some don't. The last time I checked, there were an estimated 2200 homeless in Frankfurt. There are far many more who have a place to sleep but perhaps nothing else. This group has, at the moment, two facets. 1.We collect warm things in the fall and give them out in the winter. 2. We invite all of the homeless (and poor) to a Christmas event, which includes a nice dinner, some entertainment, a warm place to sleep (if they would like), and breakfast in the morning. 3. Most important: our guests are treated this day and night - as guests. We interact with them, serve them food, play cards or chess with them. We treat them as we would wish to be treated. Since 2004 or so I have been involved with helping people who are either homeless or otherwise poor and not getting by. It started helping a group who worked in slums around New York City- delivering almost-bad fruit & vegetables as well as dented cans of donated food. Some years later I moved to Frankfurt and wanted to do the same - but found no one wanted my help. Maybe it looked a bit odd. A kind curator at a church (Gerald Hinze, of the Diakonischeswerk Frankfurt) had started something of his own a short time prior and allowed me to partner with him. Sadly, Gerald Hinze died in a traffic accident a few years ago and since then I have kept his project alive, with the support of the Diakonie in Frankfurt.

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